Biodegradable agent to remove lichens, fungi and moss from solar panels.

Lichen Removal Agent (LRA) is a concentrated removal agent for lichens, mosses and other fungi designed specifically to be used on solar panels, specially in very humid environments and with large amount of organic matter (near forest, agricultural plantations, etc.)

LRA is a biodegradable product designed to be as delicate as possible with the components of the solar module (ARC, silicone and aluminium frame). The product will help break the bond between the lichen and the solar glass, making them easier to remove.

This is a remediation product and should be used as such. To avoid the recurring use of the product please act preventively and protect your modules with one of our coatings. The coating will seal the glass and any future growth of lichen will not be bonded to it so strongly thus making them easier to remove.
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